Amanah members have right to express concerns, PKR youth told


PETALING JAYA: Amanah strategy director Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has come to the defence of his party members, saying they have a right to express their concerns.

He was commenting on Selangor PKR Youth secretary Syed Shah Syed Osman’s harsh message to his counterpart in Amanah, warning the latter not to create a rift in Pakatan Harapan (PH) solely for seat allocations in the next general election.

“The annual convention is the highest decision making body of the party, and the best forum for grassroots leaders to convey, ventilate and criticise top party leaders,” said Dzulkefly when contacted.

“They must be given all the avenues to express their legitimate dissent.

“Amanah national leaders may not necessarily agree with that, but the youth wing has the right to express its concern and anxiety.”

PKR youth’s warning came in response to statements made during the Amanah national convention last weekend, including that of Amanah Youth chief Sany Hamzan who asked for the Batu parliamentary seat to be handed to Amanah.

The seat is currently held by PKR vice-president Tian Chua.

Syed had labelled the remark as “shallow” and said it could potentially fracture the good relationship among PH component parties.

Dzulkefly, however, disagreed. He said Amanah delegates’ utmost concern was how the party could best serve the people and maintain the states held by the opposition now.

“What Sany meant was actually in reference to Tian Chua’s own statement of not being able to defend the Batu seat without PAS’ help.

“Sany’s assertion was that if Tian Chua wasn’t sure of defending that seat, while PAS’ participation in the coalition pact is uncertain, they might as well allow Amanah to contest that seat.”

He also defended Amanah delegate Jamzuri Ardani who had urged Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali to remove PAS members in the state bureaucracy for causing problems for Amanah at the grassroots level.

Jamzuri had also complained about problems in the bureaucracy, allegedly caused by PAS members, and warned that PH could lose seats in the next election because of this.

“I really hope the spokesperson from PKR Youth understands the issues and the complaints,” said Dzulkefly.

He cited several examples to explain the root cause of his party members’ dissatisfaction. This included PAS’ call to terminate the services of religious teachers who were allegedly linked to Amanah, he said.

“If those responsible continue to behave in that ‘authoritarian’ way, it is only right that the menteri besar takes stern action, or if they remain defiant, remove them.

“Isn’t that right for the antics of ‘little napoleons’ like these? Anybody has a problem with that – action to be taken against those state appointees who undermine and subvert our state administration?”

He added that in light of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by PH and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia yesterday, all members of the pact should focus their attention on strengthening the opposition fraternity.

“If you think you can’t be single minded in bringing down the Barisan Nasional government, please step aside and not subvert the efforts of others,” he said.