No new RM50 and RM100 notes, says Bank Negara


PETALING JAYA: There is absolutely no truth to rumours circulating on social media that Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) will be issuing new notes for the RM50 and RM100 denominations from next year.

The central bank also issued a statement to that effect on its website yesterday.

“Bank Negara Malaysia would like to confirm that this news is not true. The current series of banknotes will continue to be legal tender and remain in circulation,” BNM said.

The message on the alleged new notes, likely created with some mischief in mind, has been widely circulated on social media, including via the WhatsApp messaging service, Twitter and Facebook, in the past few weeks.

One version of the message reads as follows: “Take note that new Ringgit Notes for RM50 and RM100 to come into circulation in Jan 2017 and old notes become of no value. Sister of my staff in Singapore contacted BNegara to enquire if this is true. They told her it is true and they hv not announced it so as not to cause a rush to the banks. She has since changed her Msian currencies to the new notes.”

The malicious intent of the message is emphasised in one of the reasons given for the alleged change to new notes.

“Possible it is another (Prime Minister) Najib (Razak) strategy to stifle the opposition election machinery…since if the opposition parties are caught unaware, their reserve cash to finance the election machinery would be worthless,” a message sighted by FMT said.