Jamal sues Sabak Bernam land office over resort closure


KUALA LUMPUR: Jamal Yunos has filed a suit against the Sabak Bernam land office over the forced closure of his resort in Sekinchan.

Jamal has claimed this was a “misuse of power” and was not carried out in the spirit of the law.

In a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur court complex today, Jamal said the closure was an act of revenge for the protest he had staged outside the Selangor secretariat building against the state government’s handling of widespread water disruptions.

Jamal has applied for an injunction to block the land office from closing his premises and from cutting off the utilities’ supply.

He has also applied for damages for the demolition of part of his premises and damages of RM140,000 for the halting of his resort’s operations, and legal costs.

“The action taken was reckless, especially when there was no effort made to initiate a discussion before the closure was enforced,” Jamal read from a statement.

He claimed he had made numerous applications for an operating licence over the five years his resort was operational.

“However, they were rejected every time because they were not approved by the Pakatan Harapan-led council.

“(The actions taken) were motivated by revenge and in mala fide (bad faith) for the protest.”