You investigated me, now do Felda, Rafizi tells cops


KUALA LUMPUR: PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli was questioned today by the police on a statement he made on the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda).

The Pandan MP was interrogated for close to two hours at the IPD Dang Wangi in the city on the Felda Housing project and the Eagle High Plantation Tbk (EHP).

Rafizi said that he will hand over all the evidence he had gathered to the police on Tuesday.

“I will be handing over the financial reports, the auditors’ reports and also the parliamentary answers I received and have complied on Felda,” he told reporters outside the Dang Wangi police station.

Rafizi said he hopes that the police will conduct a detailed investigation on the matter.

“In the 2014 Financial Year Ending report the auditors have written off RM193 million on the Felda housing project.

“There is definitely a misappropriation of funds. I want the authorities to investigate the Felda officials, owners and those who gave out the tenders for the project.”

Rafizi also said that he wants the police to investigate the decision to acquire EHP shares, claiming there was elements of corruption in the deal that transpired.

“Any board members who understand the dire financial position that Felda is in now, would not agree to it.

“The deal is very prone to corruption and I want the police to also investigate all the Felda units which have suffered losses.”

Rafizi said that there were whistle blowers who also came forward on the Felda replanting programme.

“I want the tenders that was awarded for the replanting programme to be investigated.”

Rafizi made a police report on Thursday calling for the authorities to investigate the management of Felda, given the negative impact on funds in the past few years.

On Felda buying EHP shares, Rafizi said he planned to use the deal, valued at RM2.26 billion, to venture into the various Felda estates and tell the settlers why purchasing a 37% stake in EHP is the wrong move.

Rafizi believed this could lead to BN’s downfall as all that was needed to defeat the ruling coalition was a 3 to 5% swing among Felda voters.

Rafizi said the planned purchase from EHP, a subsidiary of the Rajawali Group, would not benefit Felda settlers as Felda’s already drying funds would be further reduced.