I refused RM1 million, claims Jamal

jamal judi

PETALING JAYA: Red Shirts movement leader Jamal Yunos has claimed he was offered RM1 million by illegal gambling groups in a bid to persuade him against bringing their activities to a standstill.

He claimed they offered him an additional RM200,000 monthly to keep enforcement officers away.

“I have received calls from gambling machine bosses. They wanted to meet me. They offered money and monthly payments, which was surprising.

“Just a few moments ago (Jan 6), I was followed and someone handed me a bag filled with RM1 million. I threw the bag back at the gambling outlet boss,” he told FMT.

On Dec 29 last year, Jamal showed up in a robe and white skull cap, and raided two illegal gambling centres in Ampang Jaya.

The Sungai Besar Umno division chief claimed there were 400 illegal gambling joints and 600 massage parlours in the Ampang area alone.

On Friday, Jamal and his supporters “raided” a gaming outlet in Sekinchan that he claimed was operating illegally and alleged that nine similar outlets were operating in the district.

Jamal also questioned the actions of the local authority for allowing two premises that were “raided” in Ampang to operate as usual.

“After 24 hours of our raid, they asked me to make a report and prove that the outlets were operating illegally. But what else is there for me to report? I have reported the matter to the Bukit Aman police and Ampang Jaya Municipal Council,” he said.

He urged the council head and its councillors appointed by the Selangor government to accompany him on a drive so that he could point out the illegal outlets operating freely in the Ampang area.

Jamal said he was the not the “corrupt” person the illegal gaming bosses thought him to be.

“Illegal gambling outlets in the state and across the country must be eliminated. I will make a police report about corruption.

“I hope I am not alone in this fight. I urge everyone to combat the operations of gambling centres. If I am the only one, the matter will never be resolved.”