UM students to face the rap over 1MDB protest


PETALING JAYA: Several Universiti Malaya students who held placards during a 1MDB town hall meeting at the university last October face disciplinary action, said a student association, adding that this included several of its office bearers.

University of Malaya Association of New Youth (Umany) president Kon Hua En said four students received a notice of proceedings over the protest. The proceedings will be held on Jan 18.

The four are: Former Umany president Ho Chi Yang, Umany deputy president Tan Jia You, Umany publicity bureau head Chua Hun Ti and Umany secretary-general Lau Li Yang.

In the October incident, the students held placards displaying “Students want answers”, “1MDB don’t spin”, and “1MDB – We want answers”, while 1MDB group executive director and president Arul Kanda was addressing students.

Several men confiscated the placards and tore them up.

Kon said the four students were accused of indiscipline and disorder for displaying the placards.

“The university also accused the students of behaviour detrimental to public order, decency, and discipline and also provoking or taking part in boycotting an official event,” he said, alluding to the content of the notice.

Kon, however, defended the actions of the four, saying the protest was a way of “demanding truth” from Arul and to protest his “obvious intention” of “cleaning” 1MDB’s image.

The event was jointly organised by the Communications and Multimedia Ministry’s Special Affairs Department (Jasa) and UM’s Student Affairs and Alumni Division.

Ho had then labelled the town hall as a ploy to “brainwash students” over the 1MDB issue, citing the lack of a balanced view on the matter as 1MDB critics, DAP’s Tony Pua and PKR’s Rafizi Ramli were not invited.

UM students upset placards torn down during 1MDB talk