EPF withdrawals for computer purchases may resume


IPOH: A proposal to resume Employees Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawals for computer purchases under the second account will be brought up for discussion at the Finance Ministry level as it was beneficial to the people.

Deputy Finance Minister II Lee Chee Leong said, “Every year, the ministry makes budget preparations for the following year and we go all around meeting with the relevant sectors to gather ideas and suggestions.

“In this case, it is still early in terms of preparing the budget for next year, but we will bring it up anyway to the finance ministry,” he told reporters after opening an event at IT [email protected] Square, here, yesterday.

Lee will also discuss with his ministry the request to change the 1Malaysia Book Voucher (BB1M) to the 1Malaysia Book and IT Voucher.

Both proposals were made by the Perak IT Mall management committee chairman Kevin Chang, who called on the government to reconsider the withdrawal of EPF savings for computer purchase for families with university-going children.

In 2002, EPF suspended the Computer Purchase Withdrawal Scheme after discovering incidences of fraud.

On the proposal to change the BB1M, Chang said the facility could be extended to eligible students to purchase printers and other related IT gadgets.