DAP: Malaysia must condemn Trump’s Muslim ban


PETALING JAYA: Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming has condemned President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims from certain countries entering into the US.

In a statement issued today, he said Trump’s executive order, signed yesterday to stop Syrian refugees from entering the US and to stop non-US citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries – Libya, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen – was an inhumane action that must be strongly condemned.

“It is an inhumane action, especially for those Syrian refugees who already have been granted approval to travel to and seek asylum in the United States.”

He added that the “unjustified” action affected thousands of students and employees studying and working legally in the US.

Ong urged Prime Minister Najib Razak to send a message to Trump condemning this executive action that affects the citizens of these Muslim-majority countries.

Ong was afraid Trump may take further steps to make it harder for citizens from other predominantly-Muslim countries, such as Malaysia, to travel to, study in and work in the US.

Ong said it was “ironic” that Trump’s executive action affected citizens from countries that had been invited by the US government to visit, study or do research in the country through US state department programmes, including the International Visitors Programme (IVP) and the Fullbright Scholarship Programme.

“As a former recipient of the Fulbright scholarship to the US, where I completed my PhD in political science at Duke University, I strongly condemn this action by Trump as it stands against the principles of non-discrimination and openness represented by the United States.”

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