Tea Is Our Life to replace Chatime


PETALING JAYA: Loob Holdings CEO Bryan Loo is not going down without a fight — as he reveals in a video uploaded recently on its website called teaisourlife.com.

In it, Loo said his team is working hard to popularise the new brand “Tea Is Our Life”.

“We’re going to brew something new, something exciting. We’re going to work day and night, weekends and holidays so we can come back with a bang,” he said in the video.

On Jan, 25, Loo revealed Loob Holdings Sdn Bhd, the former franchise holder for Chatime, had only 45 days left to rebrand itself.

This came after a dispute between Loob Holdings and La Kaffa early last month when the Taiwanese company abruptly terminated the contract, despite there being another 24 years left for Loob Holdings to be the sole franchisee in the country. The contract was to run until 2041.

Loo had lodged a police report over the termination, stating La Kaffa should abide by the law.

He also pledged to save the jobs of more than 1,000 workers in his company.

Yesterday, Channel News Asia (CNA) reported La Kaffa as alleging Loob Holdings had breached the terms of the franchisee agreement by using “raw materials that were not part of the approved recipe”.

Additionally, La Kaffa alleged that Loob did not settle royalty fees “in a timely manner”.

Malaysia is the second biggest market for Chatime, next to Taiwan.

Previously, Loob Holdings had said the Malaysian outlets generated more than 50% of the food and beverage chain’s global revenue, excluding Taiwan.

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