I saw my friend cut in half, says JB teen cyclist

abdul-samadJOHOR BAHRU: Images of his friends dying in front of him are fresh in the mind of a teenager who escaped with injuries in yesterday’s tragic accident on Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, here.

“I was still conscious though a little dizzy after I was hit. I remember seeing everyone lying on the ground.

“What horrified me was the sight of my friend completely cut in half,” Abdul Samad Abdul Kadir, 16, told FMT today.

He claimed the car that slammed into the group of boys on bicycles had been moving fast.

“I felt like the car must have been going really fast when it hit us. I saw my friend lying down next to me dead.”

It was the first time Samad, who is the youngest of seven siblings living in Kampung Melayu Pandan, had joined his friends in cycling late at night.

Before that fateful morning, he had never ventured out of the neighbourhood on his bicycle alone.

Samad, who appeared dazed and afraid at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, where he was being treated, said the experience was a bitter lesson he would remember for a long time to come.

“I regret going out at 10pm that night but I did ask my parents for permission.”

Eight of his friends are dead and two, Mohamed Shamizal Iqmal Abdullah, 16, and Muhd Nazri Mahmudi, 13, are in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

Samad’s mother, Normah Salleh, 54, said she had a nightmare about her son two days before the accident.

“At 4am on the morning of the accident, I had started to worry. It crossed my mind that my son could have been one of the boys involved in the accident,” she said, holding back tears.

Normah said she had advised her son time and again not to go out so late at night, but Samad was stubborn.

“He told his father and me that he wanted to go out. I told him it was dangerous but he insisted,” she said.

She advised parents to take the accident as a lesson to always keep an eye on their children.

“Let this be a lesson to all parents out there, watch your children closely. Don’t let them go racing even as a hobby.”