Drawing himself into the record books


GEORGE TOWN: Get a portrait drawn for free and help a caricature artist enter the Malaysia Book of Records.

Full-time artist Mohd Azmi Mohd Hussin, 33, is attempting to set a record by drawing the most number of caricatures in 24 hours.

Butterworth-born Azmi, who was a former despatch company worker, will go for the national record of “most number of live caricature drawings in 24 hours”.

He hopes to accomplish the task outside the Kapitan Kling Mosque, next to Nasi Kandar Beratur, here on March 18 at 9am. He will finish the next day at 9.40am.

Azmi, who goes by the moniker “Me”, will have to draw at least 250 portraits of people within the span of a day.

He will have 10-minute breaks, capped at a maximum of 40 minutes in between.

His attempt will be monitored by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Azmi, who has been sketching portraits for the past four years, said his subjects would be passers-by who want a portrait for free.

But those posing for him will have to wait a few days to claim their portraits for the feat to be recognised first by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Azmi will collect donations for three charities during his attempt. The proceeds will go to the Penang White Cane Association, National Cancer Society and the National Kidney Foundation.

“I want to get rid of the common misconception of caricaturists … they need not be on the streets, they can go beyond streets,” he said.

Azmi explained he could draw a person’s face in three to four minutes, using black felt-tip pens, varying in sizes — all in a pencil case with the word “Lat” on it.

The Lat pencil case is no surprise as Azmi is a big fan of Mohammad Nor Khalid, better known as Lat, the famous editorial cartoonist.

When asked if he was confident of drawing non-stop for 24 hours, Azmi said it was likely to be smooth sailing for him.

“I have managed to draw 100 caricatures at one go; it took me 12 hours. It was a little tiring, but the mere excitement of drawing kept me awake.”

Sponsoring his event will be Padang Kota assembly member Chow Kon Yeow, mosque qariah chairman Meera Mydin Mastan and Penang Global Tourism.

Azmi had his life story sketched in two books published over the past two years — “TanjongLife” and “The Little Mamak”.