Sexual predator from US taught local students, says report

sexual-abusePETALING JAYA: A former theatre director, acting coach and performing arts educator from the United States, and who has been working in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand over the past 30 years, has been exposed as a sexual predator, The Star reported today.

The individual who is said to be “quite well-known in the theatre and performing arts scene” came to Southeast Asia in 1987, after he was sacked from the prestigious Milton Academy in Boston for having molested a student, a crime to which he had admitted.

He had reportedly taught at a few local universities in the country.

According to the daily, the lecturer taught at Milton Academy from 1973 to 1987, and was found to have engaged in sexual misconduct with his male students during his time there.

The revelation was made earlier this week after the academy commissioned an investigation to find out if there had been any cases of students being sexually abused by its academic staff in the past.

On Tuesday, Milton Academy released the outcome of the nine-month probe, carried out by a New York firm it had hired.

The most shocking finding was that the lecturer in question had sexually abused at least 12 male students during his tenure. The victims were all minors at the time.

Another revelation made by private consulting firm T&M Private Resources was that Milton Academy management at the time had known about his misconduct, but allowed him to continue teaching there.

The academy now acknowledges that its then headmaster “had some knowledge” of the lecturer’s misconduct in 1982, “but allowed him to continue working there for five more years before he was sacked in 1987”.

According to The Star, the lecturer has a LinkedIn profile, and it indicates that he is now in Thailand. Attempts by the daily to reach him were unsuccessful.

Apologising for its past indiscretions in handling the cases of abuse by the lecturer in question, Milton Academy also said that it contacted US immigration authorities on its findings, including the details of his employers since he left the US.