Govt revising Communications Act to include new elements

mcmc-communication-actKUCHING: The Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 is being revised to curb social media abuse.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) in a written response to The Borneo Post said, “The act is currently being revised to incorporate new elements, including network security matters.”

The report, however, did not give details of the new elements that are to be incorporated or how these will impact internet users.

MCMC told The Borneo Post it had carried out various awareness and advocacy programmes aimed at different segments of the public.

“The programmes aim to promote ethical and positive use of the internet, and educate internet users about the importance of self-regulation and the role of the public in curbing the spread of false news,” the report quoted MCMC as saying.

“Web users are bound by the terms and condition of service as stipulated by the respective social media platform providers, for example Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Users can log in to the social media platform to report any issue.”

The statement added that users could report any content to MCMC, using complaint hotline 1800-188-030, SMS to SKMM Aduan (Complaint Details) at 15888, WhatsApp to 0162206262 or email to [email protected]