Envoy: No interference in case of death row inmate in Singapore


SINGAPORE: Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore Ilango Karuppannan says Malaysia will not interfere in other countries’ internal affairs, which includes a court case involving a Malaysian death row inmate in Singapore.

“We are aware that there is an effort to put pressure to bring a particular court case here to a higher profile,” Ilango told Bernama here.

Malaysian death row inmate S Prabagaran, 30, is reportedly making a judicial review application to direct the government to start proceedings against Singapore in the International Court of Justice over his conviction for drug trafficking.

The foreign ministry and the Malaysian government were named as respondents in the application, filed at the Malaysian High Court registry in January this year.

Prabagaran was sentenced to death in September 2014 and has reportedly exhausted all appeals in the republic.

When asked how many Malaysians are on death row in Singapore, Ilango declined to reveal the numbers.

In a similar case, the Singapore apex court yesterday dismissed an appeal for the 2010 Kallang slashing case involving Michael Garing.

Following the trial, Michael, who had been part of a gang of four from Sarawak that carried out four violent robberies seven years ago, was sentenced to death.

Donny Meluda, a fourth suspect arrested in Malaysia last month, has been charged with murder. His case is still before the court, and if convicted, he will also face the death penalty.