Kelantan admits leakage in sand mining dockets


KOTA BHARU: The Kelantan state government has admitted there were leakages in the collection of dockets from sand mining.

State Infrastructure, Utilities and Information Technology Committee chairman Hanifa Ahmad said the state government had intensified enforcement on the docket (a form for the production of minerals) collection and received support from the sand mining operators.

“For example, in 2015, our revenue was more than RM600,000.

“However, for the first two months of this year, after various serious enforcement actions being implemented, we collected RM800,000.

“With an average of RM400,000 a month, the government expects the docket collection for 2017 to be at RM4.8 million.

“The docket rate is at RM1.65 per tonne,” he told the Kelantan Legislative Assembly sitting at the Kota Darul Naim Complex here today.

He was replying to a question from Azami Mohd Nor (PAS-Kadok) who wanted to know about the leakages in the docket collection from sand mining activities in the state.

Earlier, Hanifa had replied to a question submitted by Md Alwi Che Ahmad (BN-Kok Lanas) who requested for a list of companies that succeeded in getting open tenders for sand mining in the state for 2017.

Meanwhile, outside the assembly, Alwi told reporters that PAS’ allegations that there were leakages at the federal level have now implicated things as well.

“Not only has Umno suffered leakages over the years, but now they (PAS) have leakages, too. This means that leakages occur everywhere.

“I have shown them where the leakages are, now the state government must rectify the problem,” he said.