It’s go, go Power Rangers as censors give the nod

power-rangers-gscPETALING JAYA: It’s all systems go for the much-anticipated Power Rangers movie as cinemas have started selling tickets for its release tomorrow.

According to a spokesperson for Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), the movie’s distributor had given the green light earlier today.

“We can confirm that tickets are now available at all GSC cinemas nationwide. We are not aware of when the approval came from the authorities, but the distributor informed us this morning,” GSC PR and Brand manager Samantha Tan told FMT.

As of last night, the screening of the Power Rangers movie was still uncertain as the major cinema chains in the country had not started selling tickets.

The distributor, TGV Pictures, had reportedly said that the movie was still kept out of cinema listings “to avoid any issues that may arise, as the film is still undergoing the Malaysian Censorship Board’s (LPF) review”.

It is believed that the approval from LPF came this morning but with the condition that the movie be screened with a P13 rating, meaning that children aged 13 and under can only watch the movie if accompanied with a parent or guardian.

Controversy arose after the movie based on a popular children’s superhero series in the 1990s, was said to have the first “openly gay superhero”.

Coming hot on the heels of the controversy over Beauty and the Beast, the first Disney movie to feature a character who is gay, the Power Rangers’ Yellow ranger Trini, played by actor and singer Becky G, is depicted as having “girlfriend problems” in the film, according to early movie reviews.

As such the movie was believed to have come under closer scrutiny in Malaysia.

Yesterday, LPF conceded to an appeal made by Disney and agreed to leave Beauty and The Beast as it was without any censorship and approved it for screening in Malaysia.

The Disney production was also given approval with a P13 rating.