Lot 10 goes beyond merely switching off lights for Earth Hour


KUALA LUMPUR: Shopping mall Lot 10 is calling on the business community and the public to join in its efforts to reduce the carbon imprint.

Not only is it encouraging people to switch lights off during the annual Earth Hour campaign but it has launched a sustainability campaign to educate the public on the importance of environment conservation and recycling.

Joseph Yeoh, the vice-president of YTL Land & Development, which operates Lot 10, said that everyone was responsible for reducing carbon emissions and urged the public to take part in the campaign.

“We would like to encourage business partners and communities to join us and take action immediately.

“We strive to educate and inculcate the habit of sustainable living to the public so that it becomes an integral part of their lifestyle. By doing so, we hope to provide a better future for generations to come.”

The campaign, dubbed “Together We Can Make A Better World”, is a joint effort between Lot 10, Raffles College of Higher Education, and Kloth Lifestyle.

The sustainability campaign also includes the ongoing Green Furniture Design Exhibition, which was set up by Raffles College of Higher Education.

The exhibition will feature proposed designs of mall furniture which can be built using recycled and recyclable material.


“The public can view these creative interpretations and vote for their favourite piece by submitting their vote entry at the Lot 10 Cheerleader’s Counter by April 2.

“Voting can also be done online via the Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur Facebook Page. The top three creations with the highest votes will be fabricated and placed within the mall.”

Raffles College of Higher Education chief executive officer Wan Azmawi Wan Azmi said the collaboration with Lot 10 comes at the right time.

“It will increase the awareness of the public to the capabilities of our students and institution.

“This collaboration not only evokes a sense of social responsibility but also inspires our students to communicate ideas and thoughts through designs.”

Lot 10 has also set up recycle bins in association with Kloth Lifestyle, where the public can drop off their pre-owned clothes, handbag, belts, linen and soft toys.

The pre-owned items will then be refurbished and put on sale.

All proceeds from the sale will be channelled to the National Cancer Council (Makna), Malaysia Association for the Blind (MAB) and Recycle Community Malaysia Lestari (RCOMM Lestari).

“At the end of the day, we want to appeal to every individual: please bring your old clothes, soft toys and whatever that’s not needed by you any more.

“We will find a use for it. In short, it’s about giving a second life to items which you think have no use any more. This is the message we are sending out today,” Yeoh said.

Lot 10 will partake in the global event on Saturday, March 25, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, by switching off non-essential lights, including its façade’s decorative lights.

Its tenants will also be participating by turning off their lights in their stores.