Kit Siang: Essay contest perfect example of gutter politics by Umno


PETALING JAYA: Lim Kit Siang says Annuar Musa is the perfect example of gutter politics where one hurls allegations at others, then looks for evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Referring to the Umno information chief’s offer of a RM10,000 reward yesterday for an essay-writing contest to paint Lim as “racist, anti-Islam and a dictator”, the DAP supremo said it was “disgraceful, cheapskate and gutter politics”.

“He said that the reason for the essay or social media posting competititon was ‘to encourage people to carry out a research into allegations of Kit Siang being a racist, anti-Islam and a dictator’.

“The offer of RM10,000 as a prize in the essay contest is the strongest proof that Annuar had no evidence whatsoever when he alleged that I am ‘anti-Malay and anti-Islam’ and he is now trying to look for evidence to substantiate his allegations, and he had thought of a cheapskate way of doing it,” Lim said.

Yesterday, Annuar intensified his public spat with Lim by offering a RM10,000 prize for an essay-writing competition to prove that the DAP parliamentary leader is racist, anti-Islam and a dictator.

The Ketereh MP said the article must carry the title: “Adakah benar Lim Kit Siang seorang rasis, anti Islam dan 51 tahun diktator?” (Is it true that Lim Kit Siang is racist, anti-Islam and a 51-year-old dictator?).

He also asked for the essays to be submitted to his office at PWTC by May 30.

Annuar’s decision to hold a competition comes days after Lim labelled him the “father of all racists” and dared the Kelantanese politician to sue him.

Last weekend, it was reported that Annuar had labelled Lim “a racist, anti-Islam and dictator” after officiating the Bagan Serai assemblies for Umno’s Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings.

It was also previously reported that Annuar had directed similar labels at Lim during the Dewan Rakyat sitting, based on the Gelang Patah MP’s past actions.

This prompted the Gelang Patah MP to challenge Annuar to repeat the statement outside the august House.

“As to whether I would institute legal proceedings against Annuar, I am seeking legal advice on the matter.”

Lim also called Annuar’s RM10,000 essay prize “downright irresponsible”.

“He wants to poison the minds of Malaysians by organising such an essay/social media posting competition, but will he give a blanket guarantee to all participants to pay all damages for all essays/social media postings in cases of defamation?

“It would be more useful for the cabinet meeting today to sponsor an essay writing or social media posting contest on alleged scandals linked to Prime Minister Najib Razak and the government instead,” Lim said, suggesting a RM100,000 award to the best essay or posting, RM50,000 for the second-best and RM10,000 as third prize.