TMJ to remove deadwood, reduce wastage in FAM


PETALING JAYA: Newly elected Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president Tunku Makhota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has been said to be a man of action and true to form unveiled his short-term plans for FAM without any delay.

He outlined four plans, of which uppermost was to review and perform audits on FAM’s accounts.

“I will review FAM’s accounts to determine its financial status, including doing an audit,” he told a media conference after the 53rd FAM Congress here today.

Subsequently, he said, he would seek to reduce wastage in FAM as he despised wastage.

Among the measures is by getting rid of the deadwood in FAM itself.

“I need workers who can contribute and give me sound suggestions,” he said.

In addition, he said he wanted to change the philosophy of the national squad and desired to boost the performance and image of national football.

Meanwhile, at the same time, he also wants to boost the quality of refereeing in the Malaysian leagues by seeking aid and exposure from abroad.

“We also need outside expertise if we want to boost the quality of our leagues and not just by boosting technology,” he said.

The FAM Congress today saw mostly new faces picked to boost the image of national football. Besides Tunku Ismail as president, new faces Subahan Kamal and Mohd Yusoff Mahadi were elected to fill the two deputy president posts.

Tunku Ismail decided to retain Hamidin MohdAmin as secretary-general.

“Many people have asked this question. The one who does the job and cracks the whip is the president. For now, Hamidin stays as secretary-general.

“…and if he does not do his job and does not conform to what is expected (of him), I’m so sorry Datuk (Hamidin),” the Tunku Mahkota said.

Hamidin thanked the media for bringing up the question.

“This is good. At least, there will be no more rumours and speculation by some quarters on my status after this,” he said briefly when met after the press conference.