NUTP to teachers: Heed Mahdzir’s warning


PETALING JAYA: The National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has given its support to Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid’s denunciation of teachers who publicly criticise the Putrajaya administration.

Speaking to FMT, NUTP president Kamarozaman Abdul Razak said teachers must be reminded that they had signed an oath that they would not criticise the government in public.

“You cannot work for the government and then talk bad about your employer,” he said. “This is hypocritical and it’s against the oath we took as civil servants.”

However, he acknowledged that teachers had the right to participate in politics although they must apply for permission from the Education Ministry. Furthermore, their speeches must be based on hard facts, he added.

“Teachers are allowed to engage in politics, become members of political parties and even become candidates as long as they ask for and get permission to do so,” he said.

“Nowadays, however, teachers who engage in politics do so without the ministry’s knowledge and the politics they play is unprofessional and gutter-like.”

When asked what he thought of teachers who refrained from talking about politics in the classroom but were politically active outside, he said, “When you’re teachers, what you do outside of classrooms also counts.

“Most students follow politics and if they find out their teachers said something about the government, then they’re going to be wondering what’s going on.”

A Bernama report earlier quoted Mahdzir as saying that teachers who were critical of the government should resign or face the consequences.

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