Film Appeal Committee gave ok to ‘Beauty and the Beast’


PUTRAJAYA: Approval to screen Beauty and the Beast without cuts under a PG13 rating was granted by the Film Appeal Committee (JKRF), not the Film Censorship Board (LPF), says the home ministry.

In a statement today, the ministry explained that JKRF was an independent committee established according to the Film Censorship Act 2002, and which was not bound by the decision of the LPF.

“JKRF has been given the power to confirm, vary or reverse the decision of the LPF,” it said.

Therefore, it said the perception that LPF had made a U-turn”, or reversed its decision, was unfounded.

It said LPF had approved screening of the movie if there were minor cuts in three scenes and muting of dialogue which promoted the gay lifestyle.

According to the ministry, the film’s producer, Walt Disney Pictures (United States), through its company Buena Vista Columbia Tristar Films (M) Sdn Bhd, had appealed to JKRF to review the decision on March 20.

After reviewing the film and taking into consideration its public appeal, JKRF decided to grant approval for its screening, uncut, under a PG13 rating, said the ministry.