High demand for ‘Charlie’s Angels’ in Malaysia

Charlie-AngelPETALING JAYA: If Malaysia had its own Charlie Townsend running an agency with former women law enforcement officers providing protection services among other things, business would be booming right now.

According to a report in Harian Metro, the demand for female bodyguards is at an all-time high by VIP and VVIP women millionaires in the country.

More and more women who are Datuks and Datuk Seris, let alone the Datins and Puan Sris, among Malaysian society are finding it necessary to have such protection services for themselves and their children.

Some of these women are corporate leaders while others are heiresses or philanthropists but all have one concern… their safety, especially in light of the security risks they face on a daily basis.

According to the Bahasa Malaysia daily, there are only 50 female bodyguards in the country, compared with 800 male bodyguards who are registered with the Malaysian Bodyguards Association (MBA).

MBA acting president Aris Ramly told Harian Metro that the minimum salary for junior bodyguards was between RM3,500 and RM4,000, while the maximum can go as high as RM20,000 for those who are senior, more experienced and with the right law enforcement background.

One female bodyguard spoke about how her job entails her having to risk her own life for the sake of her employer.

“It is hard for anyone to believe that my job requires me to put my life on the line for a millionaire heiress or businesswoman.

“I have worked for women bosses who were Datuk Seris and Datuks,” Isniata Ismail, 40, was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

She added that though she had not served in the army nor the police before, she had an interest in being part of such uniformed services and was happy to be able to do what she is doing now.