Authorities warn against consumption of disposed chicken wings


SIBU: Relevant authorities have been mobilised to look into an incident where a group of villagers had dug out disposed chicken wings at a site near Bukit Aup yesterday.

Sibu division resident Hii Chang Kee said the authorities would take the necessary measures to prevent the public from reaching the site where chicken wings were disposed by an enforcement authority last Friday.

“We strongly advise those who had taken the chicken wings not to consume them as we do not know its source and quality,” he said in a statement via WhatsApp here yesterday.

He said this when asked to comment on the matter that was reported by an English daily in its online edition earlier.

The news report said dozens of villagers from around Bukit Aup came to the site and dug up the chicken wings that had been buried a few feet underground following a tip-off on its disposal.


The report, together with pictures of the disposal, pictures and videos of people digging for the chicken wings later went viral on social media.

Social media users expressed dismay over the act, saying that consuming the chicken wings would be hazardous to people’s health.

“It can’t be good for consumption after being buried for few days. They should not have dug it out,” said a Facebook user, Joseph Setu.

Another Facebook user, Emily Sangan expressed fear the chicken wings might be sold in the market.

It was said that a few lorry containers were used to bring the frozen chicken wings, believed to be from New Zealand, for disposal into a large hole that was later covered with soil.