Grooming checks private and professional, says Malindo

malindo-airPETALING JAYA: Malindo Air has defended its recruitment process following an uproar over a report that flight attendant candidates were forced to strip down to their bras during interviews.

In a statement today, the airline said grooming checks for visible marks were conducted privately and in a professional manner by female supervisors.

It added that candidates were briefed ahead of time, and that consent was required before the checks were made.

Malindo was responding to a report by The Malay Mail revealing that the airline had asked flight attendant job applicants to expose their chests, lift their skirts, fold up their pants or remove their pantyhose.

Internet users have criticised the airline, and at least three opposition lawmakers have called for an end to such procedures, urging Malindo to apologise to all Malaysian women.

However, Malindo said internal investigations had been carried out on the matter and stressed that it had adhered to regulations in all its recruitment processes since its inception in 2013.

“The airline reiterates that the standard procedure has been practised for the past four years,” it said.

According to Malindo, it has employed more than 700 female cabin crew to date.