Mufti: Men shouldn’t use wife’s money to support family


KANGAR: Perlis Mufti associate professor Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has criticised men who neglect their duties as husbands if their wives are drawing bigger salaries.

He said marrying wealthy women did not mean that husbands could relax and neglect the rights of their wives and waive the responsibility of supporting their families.

“The husband must shoulder his responsibility properly as head of the family. It is the duty of a husband to provide for his wife and meet his family’s expenses,” he said in his weekly ceramah at the Alwi Mosque here today.

“The wife’s money is hers. Don’t use her money to support the family. It is mandatory for the husband to work to earn money to support and fulfil the needs of his wife and children,” he said.