Penang ashamed to have an MP like Shabudin, says Guan Eng

guan-eng-shabudinGEORGE TOWN: Penang is ashamed to have Shabudin Yahaya as an MP, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

Lim said the State Executive Council today expressed “great concern and outrage” over Shabudin’s remark, and demanded that BN expel him or compel him to resign.

In a press conference at Komtar, Lim added that Shabudin’s remark was deeply offensive to all women.

Shabudin, a former shariah court judge, said in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday that there was nothing wrong with a girl getting married to her rapist and that it would be good for the girl as she would otherwise face a bleak future.

“The girl might feel safer rather than being just left like that. They can live in peace,” Shabudin had said, adding that it could be the perfect remedy to social problems.

Lim said: “This shows a depraved and sick mind. If BN has any moral honour they should expel him. Are you not encouraging rape by doing this? If that’s the formula, what if the girl is subject to gang rape? You expect her to marry all of them ah?

“Easy for him to talk as it is not his daughter or his sister… the people of Penang do not want a monster like him to become an MP, we have no compassion for this kind of people.”

State Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairperson Chong Eng also condemned Shabudin’s remark, calling on the state opposition leader Jahara Hamid to do so as well.

Chong said Jahara, as the most senior Umno assembly member in Penang, and a woman, should voice out rage against Shabudin’s remark.

“I would like her to make a stand on this issue. I hope she will join us to demand the expulsion of this monster from Umno,” Chong said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister I Mohd Rashid Hasnon said Shabudin’s remarks were against Islamic norms. He said it was regrettable that Shabudin had offered rape-and-marry as a solution, as it would only further harm the victim.