Police cordon off chicken wing disposal site


SIBU: Sibu police have cordoned off the plot where a number of containers of frozen chicken wings were buried by enforcement authorities during a period spanning last Friday to yesterday afternoon.

Police personnel were also put on guard at the entrance to prevent the public from entering the area.

A check at the site by Bernama this morning found the area reeking from the unbearable stench of rotting chicken wings.

“Nobody has come here today and even if they did we would ask them to leave,” said one of the two policemen on duty there.

Meanwhile, an emergency meeting on the matter was held at the Customs Department office in Jalan Deshon here this morning, attended by officials from relevant departments, including Sibu divisional health officer Dr Muhamad Rais Abdullah.

However, pressmen who expected to get some updates on the matter were disappointed and told that Sarawak Custom director Ahmad Ji would only hold a press conference tomorrow.

When news about the disposal of rotting chicken wings broke, dozens of people came to the site yesterday morning to dig out the chicken wings, ignoring the possibility that the chicken wings could be hazardous to their health.

It is believed the shipment of chicken wings from the Netherlands was confiscated by the Customs enforcement unit at Sibu Rajang Port.

A check on the Veterinary Service Department website found that a ban had been issued by Malaysia on Nov 30 last year on the import of any bird from the Netherlands following the outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza there.