500 quit Rembau PPBM? It’s a false claim, says division chief


PETALING JAYA: Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) has denied a claim that around 500 of its Rembau division members have quit the party.

The division chief, Bakly Baba, said the person making the “false” claim — Negri Sembilan PPBM chief activist Mohd Anas Sudin — had lied in an attempt to tarnish the party’s name.

Anas’ motive, he said, was dissatisfaction.

“It’s because he didn’t get to be the division chief. So he felt as though he was being sidelined. It’s nothing. He has always been like that,” Bakly told FMT.

Anas announced last night that 500 members had unanimously decided to quit the party at their meeting on March 28.

He said among the reasons were because PPBM practised cronyism and they were dissatisfied with the leadership of the president, Muhyiddin Yassin, and his deputy, Mukhriz Mahathir.

According to Bakly, less than 30 members from the division had quit. Even then, the reason they gave was meant to create tension among opposition parties.

This is because Anas and the others had, a day before their announcement, signed up to become PKR members, he alleged.

“PPBM’s central committee named me as the Rembau division chief last Friday. In the initial stages, Anas was supposed to be the division’s deputy chief.

“We communicated with him several times but he rejected the proposal, saying he had already filled PKR’s membership form.

“The question is why was he trying to bring PPBM supporters into PKR instead of rejoining Umno? It’s because his action was meant to create a rift among Pakatan Harapan’s component parties,” said Bakly.

In a statement he issued earlier, Bakly had attached several pictures of Anas allegedly filling a PKR membership form.

“Whatever it is, their resignations will not affect PPBM.

“And Rembau PPBM members know they joined the party not because of Anas, but because they support the party’s bigger cause, which is to reform the country’s administration.”