Abuse of dog: Cops wait for owner to lodge report


PETALING JAYA: A video showing a man relentlessly battering a small dog with a helmet has enraged netizens but police have said they cannot take action, New Straits Times Online reported today.

It is believed the incident took place at Taman Melody, Bandar Kinrara in Puchong on Sunday night.

The online news portal said an individual had already lodged a report with police urging for action to be taken against the man for abusing the dog.

Despite the report, Serdang district police chief assistant Commissioner Megat Mohd Aminuddin said the complainant was not the dog’s owner.

Megat said the report will be deemed good for reference purpose only, unless the dog owner filed a report with them.

“Police have been waiting for the dog owner to step forward and lodge a report. There is none. We found out that it’s a stray dog,” he said, when contacted by the portal today.

“So far, the security guard who witnessed the incident has also not lodged a report,” he said.

Megat said police had informed the Subang Jaya Municipal Council to deal with the stray dog.

The portal said officers from the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia had taken the wounded dog away.

In the 8.50pm incident on Sunday, the man, believed to be in his late 30s and a resident in the housing area, was caught on camera, pounding away at the animal.

In the three-minute video, the man was seen riding a bicycle with a basket carrying his own pet dog.

A dog at the guardhouse however suddenly broke free from its leash and charged at the man, causing him to fall from his bicycle.

The man, who looked enraged, ran up to the guardhouse and caught the dog before hitting the animal repeatedly. He also used a motorcyle helmet to repeatedly whack the dog before carrying it into the guardhouse.