Doctor asked for oral sex, claims man


MALACCA: A 24-year-old man went to see a doctor for diarrhoea treatment at a private hospital here on Monday.

When the doctor asked him to undress from the waist down, he did not think anything of it.

The doctor, he claimed in a police report, held his penis while asking if he had problem urinating.

According to a report in The Star, the man claimed the doctor then kissed him on the left cheek and asked for oral sex.

The man later lodged a police report at the Merlimau police station in Jasin.

The Star quoted the deputy chairman of the State Health, Sports Development and Anti-Drugs Committee, Ng Choon Koon, as saying the doctor allegedly made suggestive remarks during the examination and that he had also allegedly asked for oral sex.

“The alleged incident occurred in a private hospital, and I have asked the Health Department to obtain a report from the hospital.

“We need to be fair to the doctor and to get the full version of what really transpired during the treatment,” The Star quoted him as saying.