Tasek Gelugor protesters ask Shabudin to quit


BUTTERWORTH: About 50 protesters in Tasek Gelugor have demanded that the MP of the constituency, Shabudin Yahaya, be relieved of all positions since his contentious rape-then-marry statements in Parliament.

The protest, led by the chiefs of the women’s wings of Pakatan Harapan, lasted about 45 minutes, with speeches demanding Shabudin’s apology, resignation and sacking.

Protesters with placards gathered at the open carpark off Jalan Gelugor in Permatang Berangan before marching on to the nearby pasar malam.

Voters who turned up asked him to resign as MP. Others asked that he apologise for his remarks.

Muhammad Zakwan Mustafa Kamal, 20, of Permatang Berangan, said Shabudin should own up to his mistake and retract his statements.

“Shabudin’s statements have caused an emotional uproar among women. He should not have said what he said. I suggest that he says sorry.”

Thangaletchumi Ragavan, 50, of Pokok Machang, said she was still in shock at what Shabudin had said.

“I expect such a senior YB to give an educated answer on child marriage and such. I have a message for you, YB Shabudin: just do the honourable thing and resign.”

Penang Amanah Syariah and Dakwah bureau chief Ahmad Fahmi A Bakar

Penang Amanah dakwah and shariah bureau chief Ahmad Fahmi A Bakar said Shabudin, given his previous prolific roles in Islamic agencies, should have known better.

Fahmi said Shabudin’s claim that his views were allowed in Islam were incorrect as they were based on old “fiqh” (understanding).

He said Shabudin should be careful with his words as a shariah practitioner.

“I hope, as a friend in Islam, that we should ‘mendapat kepastian’ (get confirmation) before we say anything.”

Penang DAP Wanita leader Lim Siew Khim said Shabudin’s remarks had caused her nine-year-old daughter to ask if what he had said was true.

“My daughter is asking me what this whole fuss is about, about ‘boleh kahwin’ and what not. How am I supposed to answer her?

“If my daughter can ask me such questions, can you imagine what Shabudin has done to the country? He has confused our young girls.”

Penang PKR Wanita chief Noor Zarinah Zakaria said Shabudin’s concept of concealment of the crime of rape was despicable.

She said the MP appeared to be an uneducated person spewing out illogical solutions for would-be rapists.

“How can you cover up rape with marriage? That is wrong! We are so embarrassed by what he has said.”

Penang Amanah Wanita chief Aida Yusof Rawa said Shabudin could put an end to all this by doing the honourable thing: “retract and say sorry”.

Penang DAP organising secretary and CM’s polsec Wong Hon Wai

Meanwhile, Penang DAP organising secretary Wong Hon Wai said Umno should sack Shabudin, the sooner, the better.

Wong said even the international press had picked up Shabudin’s nonsensical statements, giving Malaysia a bad image.

“There is no ‘sorry’ for him. His statement is unbecoming of a YB. If he does not want to resign, he should ’kena pecat’.”

Shabudin, formerly a district kadi in Penang, said in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday that there was nothing wrong with a girl getting married to her rapist and that in fact, the marriage would be good for the victim who would otherwise have a bleak future.

“The girl may feel safer rather than being just left like that. They can live in peace,” Shabudin had said, adding that it could be the remedy to social problems.

He also said that a nine-year-old girl was ready for marriage, physically and spiritually.

Following the outcry from many quarters, including BN and Umno ministers, Shabudin yesterday said his statements were taken out of context.

Shabudin: Hold on! My rapist remarks have been taken out of context