Woman mowed down by motorcyclist caught on dashcam

Foo Swee Wah

GEORGE TOWN: A 58-year-old kopitiam operator, Foo Swee Wah, died several hours after she was mowed down by a speeding motorcyclist at a pedestrian crossing in the Pulau Tikus suburb this morning.

The 10am incident was captured by a dashboard camera of a car that had stopped at the crossing.

At the time, the “green man” was clearly lighted up and other cars had stopped before the zebra crossing on Jalan Burma near the Tan Mark Book Store so pedestrians could cross.

In the 12-second video, the woman is looking straight ahead and was nearly half-way across the road when the speeding motorcycle slammed right into her, causing her to fall face first onto the road with her limbs in a twisted heap.

The impact caused the motorcyclist’s helmet to come undone and roll along the road but the rider is seen speeding off anyway without stopping to check on the victim.

The unconscious woman was rushed to the Penang Hospital with severe head injuries and a broken leg but died several hours later.

A witness said the biker was seen earlier swerving in between cars and was oblivious to the woman crossing the road ahead of him.

Northeast district police chief ACP Mior Faridalatrash Wahid said the motorcyclist’s number plate has been identified and police were tracking down the owner.

The case is being investigated for careless and inconsiderate driving under the Road Transport Act 1987.