Husam harbours hope PAS will join Pakatan Harapan


SHAH ALAM: Husam Musa does not rule out the possibility of PAS joining Pakatan Harapan, despite the Islamist party previously declaring it would not do so due to the presence of DAP and Amanah.

Citing the fact there was a “rational” faction within the party, the former PAS vice- president hopes that this faction would take charge of the party after its next muktamar later this month, paving the way for such a possibility.

“There is still hope, but they (PAS) must negotiate with PH as a whole and not just the components,” the Salor assemblyman told an audience at a dialogue held here last night.

Also present was Parti Pribumi Bersatu (PPBM) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

While PAS had previously cut ties with DAP over hudud and Amanah – a PAS splinter party comprising former members from the professional faction of the Islamist party – it continues to maintain ties with PKR, particularly in the Selangor government. The three parties were previously part of Pakatan Rakyat.

Husam said he was confident of straight fights between Barisan Nasional and the opposition in Kelantan, stating multi-cornered fights were detrimental to PAS which would risk losing its grip in the east coast state.

“It would be suicidal for PAS to go into a three-cornered fight.

“But if they chose to do so we can’t do anything but watch them fall and sympathise with them,” he said, adding that PAS had the option of either teaming up with BN or PH to ensure straight fights.

On a separate matter, Husam said laws should be amended to allow a prime minister to be impeached in a bid to reduce the abuse of power.

“The people want a concrete mechanism to curb any abuse of power. We need to make the PM answerable to parliament,” he said when asked about imposing a term limit for the prime minister.

He added that a term limit alone would not guarantee that there would be no abuse of power.