Kelantan slams Mat Sabu jibe on ‘rats and cats’ in state

Abdul-Fattah-mat-sabuPETALING JAYA: The PAS-led Kelantan government has dismissed claims by Amanah president Mohamad Sabu that the state had failed in maintaining cleanliness as required under Islam.

State executive councillor of local government, housing, and youth and sports, Abdul Fattah Mahmood hit back at a taunt by Mohamad, who is popularly known as Mat Sabu, that rats and cats now “live in harmony” in Kota Bharu since they are both of equal size there.

“When was the last time Mat Sabu saw a rat in Kota Bharu and at which spot did he see the rat?” Fatah said to FMT.

“Maybe he spotted them near his house or is he just rambling? There is no need for him to make such taunts,” he said.

In an interview with FMT recently, Mat Sabu said the lack of cleanliness was just one of the basic Islamic values that has been neglected by Islamic leaders who claim to want such values, adding that it was not just in Malaysia but also in other Muslim countries.

“When you are in Cairo (Egypt) you can smell the foul stench around Al-Azhar University. So what is the use of producing thousands of religious scholars every year?” he said, stressing that Islam places a lot of importance on cleanliness and the environment.

Fattah also said the cleanliness level in Kelantan was not as bad as that described by Mat Sabu.

He said the Kota Bharu surroundings have improved a great deal and this was acknowledged and praised by tourists coming to the state.

“For example, the Siti Khadijah market area is a lot more clean nowadays,” he added.

“We have also set up a special unit that will respond to all complaints on the issue of cleanliness and ensure its resolution within hours.

“So when Mat Sabu said what he did, was it sincerely from the bottom of his heart or was it politically-driven?” Fattah asked, suggesting that Mat Sabu was bankrupt of issues to politicise.

Fattah also said Kelantan had not received any help from the Federal government on the issue of cleanliness management.

He said the state government has used its own initiative by appointing private contractors to undertake cleaning work in specific areas.