Missing activists: Bersih wants urgent meeting with IGP


PETALING JAYA: Electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0 has requested for an “urgent meeting” with the nation’s top cop over mysterious disappearances of activists recently.

In a statement this evening, Bersih’s steering committee members referred to the fifth missing activist, Peter Chong, saying police must act swiftly to search and rescue him along with the others.

“Bersih is totally shocked by the fifth disappearance of social activist Peter Chong.

“Indeed, this is a very sad day for all Malaysians that disappearances are happening here in our country.

“Yet, there have been few assurances or news from the police on their efforts to locate the whereabouts of these missing persons.

“Bersih requests an urgent meeting with the IGP (inspector-general of police) to obtain an update on the police actions to locate these missing persons.”

FMT earlier today reported Peter’s disappearance, quoting his son Darryl as saying that they hadn’t heard from him in three days.

Peter is an activist who once worked as the assistant to Subang MP R Sivarasa.

He had, in a Facebook post dated March 31, written of his “strange experience” when he was approached by a stranger who had issued him a warning.

“He (the stranger) said he sokong (support) what I do. He said ‘tapi mahu hati-hati … sekarang banyak orang tiba-tiba hilang. Mereka semua tahu mana orang tinggal’.”

(“Be careful … nowadays a lot of people have suddenly disappeared. They all know where people live.”)

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) executive director Sevan Doraisamy said having five such missing cases in four months is a national disgrace.

“Any further delays in the search and rescue mission of the missing individuals would leave a black mark on national security.

“With the government aiming to become a developed nation, the state of human rights and civil liberties are supposed to be important pillars.

“What is happening now is the shrinking of civil liberties.

“The authority’s failure in solving this case and bringing the rest back safely in the near future would be a failure of the home ministry and the failure of the government.”

Peter’s disappearance followed that of Pastor Raymond Koh, social activist Amri Che Mat, Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife, Ruth.