Group demands justice for abused guard dog

furbyPETALING JAYA: Animal lovers are demanding that dogs be given justice too, following a brutal attack on a guard dog in Puchong last week.

The “Justice for Furby” protest, held yesterday, saw a group of about 50 people gather in front of the guardhouse where the dog was attacked, The Star said.

The gathering called for action to be taken against Terry Yee, who had punched and kicked the dog, and battered it repeatedly with a motorcycle helmet.

The report said the protest also sought to highlight animal abuse cases in general.

“We want to raise awareness that society should not tolerate animal abuse and it should not go unpunished,” a businesswoman named Joanne Chan was quoted as saying.

Video clips of the protest uploaded on Facebook showed the group standing at the guardhouse holding signs and banners that read “Justice for Furby”, “Stop Animal Abuse” and “Terry Yee: Dog Abuser and Liar”.

However, The Star said police arrived to stop the protest at about 3.15pm.

In the video clips, a police officer is heard telling a woman that the group does not have a permit to hold the protest. The woman nods and the crowd is seen dispersing peacefully.

On Saturday, animal welfare group Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) said the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) had taken the dog for a medical examination and would proceed with prosecution after finding solid evidence.

Under the Animal Welfare Act, offenders can be jailed for three years or fined RM20,000 to RM100,000.

The April 2 incident was caught on CCTV. In the three-minute recording, a man believed to be in his late 30s is seen riding a bicycle carrying his own pet dog in a basket.

However a dog at the guardhouse suddenly breaks free from its leash and charges at the man, causing him to fall off his bicycle.

The man, who looked enraged, runs up to the guardhouse, catches the dog and punches and kicks it repeatedly. He also uses a crash helmet on the animal before carrying it into the guardhouse, out of view of the CCTV camera, where it is believed he continued battering the animal.


Arrest Terry Yee, Justice for Furby !!!!

Posted by Justice for Furby on Saturday, April 8, 2017