Former district police chief wins back job, arrears in salary


PUTRAJAYA: A former district police chief today won his job back eight years after his dismissal for alleged misconduct.

Abdul Ghani Che Mat, who will retire next year, was initially lost for words after the Federal Court dismissed the government’s appeal to have the merits of the case reheard.

“I am so thankful to my lawyer for putting forward a convincing legal argument to bring this case to an end,” said Gani, who holds the rank of deputy superintendent.

He recalled the period where he had to work in a farm in Rompin, Pahang, to supplement the income of his wife, who is a teacher.

“Luckily, she had a steady job to sustain the family,” the father of five told FMT after the court verdict.

During this period, his children were in secondary school and in college.

Ghani will report back for duty tomorrow at the Central Brigade Police Field Force in Cheras, his last post before the disciplinary authority informed him of his dismissal on July 26, 2013.

The former Selama district police chief in Perak is now entitled to his backdated wages, allowances and other benefits due to him.

He was sacked from the force for allegedly allowing his girlfriend access to his thumb drive that contained classified information and having an affair with her between 2008 and 2009 in Selama.

Ghani, 58, then filed a judicial review for reinstatement but the High Court dismissed his suit in 2015.

Last December, the Court of Appeal allowed his appeal but the government filed an appeal.

As a result, he could not return to work.


Ghani’s lawyer G Subramaniam Nair, who objected to the application for leave to appeal, told the three-man bench chaired by Chief Justice Raus Sharif that his client was denied a fair hearing.

“He had requested the police commission to supply him all documentary evidence, including a copy of the thumb drive, that the authority considered in coming to a decision. However, only some documents were supplied to him,” the lawyer said,

Subramaniam, who was assisted by Ebrina Zubir, said his client’s request to give oral evidence was also rejected.

He said Ghani had lined up five witnesses to give evidence on his behalf.

“Leave should be denied as the legal questions posed by the government are now ‘settled law’,” he said.

Raus said the bench agreed with Subramaniam as Ghani was entitled to appear before the police commission to give oral evidence but this was denied.

Senior Federal Counsel Maisara Juhari appeared for the government.