From 5 classes to 3: SPAD revamps taxi licensing

SPADPETALING JAYA: In a bid to simplify taxi licensing, the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has decided to restructure the five different taxi classes into three.

Under the new structure, taxi operators can opt to be metered taxis, hired cars or limousines once the 10-year age limit for their vehicles is up.

According to The Star, the five current licence classes are airport taxi, budget taxi, executive taxi, premier taxi, and 1Malaysia taxi.

A SPAD spokesman told the daily that this was causing confusion as there were too many categories.

“We are trying to migrate all related classes to just taxis, hired cars and limousines once the 10-year age limit is up,” the spokesman was quoted as saying.

Under the new structure, SPAD will no longer renew the current licences for vehicles which have reached the maximum age limit.

“Every car older than 10 years will have to be changed. We want the change to be clean,” the spokesman was reported as saying.

According to a SPAD circular dated March 31, operators will be allowed six months to transfer to one of the three new classes, The Star said.

In the report, SPAD expressed hope that the programme would give taxis a fair playing field with their ride-sharing counterparts.