‘I have proof of sexual abuse in government orphanage’


PETALING JAYA: An NGO head who recently revealed that he was molested at a welfare department-run orphanage says he has sufficient proof for the authorities to act against the alleged perpetrators.

Muhammad Khairul, who runs the Welfare and Social Organisation (Perbak), said the perpetrators were two brothers.

“Our NGO had most recently received a complaint of sexual abuse by one of the brothers just a few months ago,” Khairul told FMT.

According to him, the younger of the two brothers had previously worked in a welfare home in Durian Daun in Malacca, while the older brother – who allegedly has close personal ties to the family of a prominent Malacca Tan Sri – had allegedly sexually abused Khairul in 2001 and 2002.

“The elder brother used to visit the orphanage where the younger brother was stationed on the pretext of meeting his sibling. He would then seek out ‘cute’ boys and get them to perform sexual acts on him.

“First, he would sweet-talk me and promise me gifts in exchange for sexual acts. He then threatened me to remain silent by saying he would inform his brother in the orphanage that I was naughty and should be sent to a juvenile detention centre,” Khairul said, adding this happened to other boys in the orphanage as well.

Khairul said following his recent admission about the abuse he had suffered, he met the two brothers and told them that he had enough evidence against them.

“During our conversation, one of them admitted to sexual abuse.

“He couldn’t even remember how many boys he had sexually abused when I asked and said the things he did were only ‘ringan-ringan’ (light).”

He said the perpetrators, whom he said had been sexually abusing orphans for at least 17 years now, even offered to bribe him in exchange for his silence on the matter.

With the evidence in hand, Khairul said he lodged a police report in the hope that it would finally bring an end to the alleged sexual abuse.

He said action must be taken against the perpetrators to the full extent of the law in the interest of the orphans who may be at risk so long as the brothers roamed free.

Khairul said he had a meeting with the state welfare department last week and was told that some of those implicated in abusing the orphans had been transferred out.

“But this is not good enough. They are still a threat to other orphans.”