Immigration bungles over E-Card issuance to illegal immigrants

jazlanPETALING JAYA: The home ministry says a number of Immigration Department branches have issued Enforcement Cards (E-Cards) to illegal immigrants who have not registered under the rehiring programme.

The Star quoted Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed as saying there had been some confusion in the distribution of the cards.

He added that the cards would not be valid if the immigrants were not registered under the programme.

“Those who were wrongly issued the cards must surrender them immediately,” he was quoted as saying, while warning that they could face action if they did not comply.

Meanwhile, Nur Jazlan said the home ministry was looking into how the immigrants could have received the E-Cards without registering under the programme.

“Our investigations will get to the bottom of it,” he was reported as saying.

The national rehiring programme is meant for illegal workers in the peninsula to apply for work permits to meet job demands in several sectors: construction, plantation, services, manufacturing and agriculture.

The programme began on Feb 15 and will end on June 30.