‘Kidnap scam’ artist gets earful from granny

scam-callPETALING JAYA: What would you do if you got a call from a stranger demanding a large sum of money for the return of a family member?

A grandmother faced that dilemma last week when a caller did just that, asking for RM200,000 for the return of her son, theSun reported.

However, instead of panicking and getting hysterical, the elderly woman turned the tables and started asking questions about how to pay such a large sum.

The caller could be heard shouting back, saying “You **, why are you asking me ‘how’. Pay up!”

The woman continued, complaining about the demand for a large amount of money.

“You think this is RM200 or RM2,000? If you say RM20,000 to RM30,000 then it’s easy. You say RM200,000, you want to scare me to death?

“We are poor people, where am I going to find the money for you? I’ve not even seen such an amount before in my life,” the daily quoted her as saying.

Based on the tone of the caller’s voice, he seemed offended and asked if the woman took him for a beggar.

“RM20,000 to RM30,000? You think I’m a beggar? Do you think that if you simply say you have no money then everything will be settled?” he shouted, according to theSun’s translation of the conversation, which was carried out entirely in Cantonese.

After offering to pay the amount in instalments, the woman finally ended the con game by asking the caller for the name of the alleged victim. When he did not seem to know,the woman took him to task.

“What do you think I’m crazy? Of course I have to know the name of the person you have kidnapped. Don’t you even know his name? If you don’t even know his name how am I supposed to pay the money?” she said, according to theSun.

That was enough to get the caller to hang up on her, and end the three-minute call captured in a video clip that has since gone viral on social media.