PAP’s ‘droppings’: Zairil baffled by Hadi’s harsh words


PETALING JAYA: Zairil Khir Johari today said he was “disappointed and baffled” that a religious figure like PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang would stoop to name calling when talking about the DAP.

“I didn’t expect a ‘Tuan Guru’ to utter such harsh words,” the Bukit Bendera MP told FMT, alluding to the moniker given to Hadi.

Zairil added that he expected such behaviour only from Umno politicians.

He said this in response to Hadi equating the DAP to “PAP’s droppings” at a speech in Terengganu recently.

In his speech, the Marang MP explained that the PAP (People’s Action Party) ruled Singapore at present although the republic was once part of Malaysia. He added, “When Singapore exited Malaysia, PAP changed to DAP, so DAP is PAP’s droppings (anak butir tahi PAP).”

Hadi however did concede that the language he used “may be a bit crude”.

In his counter-attack, Zairil, who is DAP’s assistant national publicity secretary, questioned Hadi on his party’s ties with Umno and said, “At least DAP does not have anything to do with PAP and they (PAP) do not dictate DAP today.”

Once allies in the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat, DAP and PAS severed political ties in 2015 following a fallout over the Islamist party’s push to implement hudud.

Meanwhile, in a joint statement, several DAP Youth leaders stressed that DAP had no ties whatsoever to PAP, although several DAP founders had once led the PAP.

“DAP and PAP are not sister parties,” the statement read.