Peter Chong’s Facebook Messenger still active, says PKR


PETALING JAYA: Initiatives taken by concerned friends of Peter Chong led to the discovery that the missing activist’s Facebook Messenger was still active up till this morning.

According to PKR MP R Sivarasa and Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong, one of Chong’s friends had also tried calling him through Facebook Phone. The call went through but was left unanswered.

Chong was Sivarasa’s aide up until December 2015.

“This could mean two things, either that Peter is able to access his Facebook account, or that another person other than Peter is accessing his account,” Sivarasa and Wong said in a statement issued today.

“We hope police are able to use this lead expeditiously to find Peter.”

Chong has been missing since April 5.

His son, Darryl, told FMT he last saw his father on Wednesday, when the 54-year-old social activist left their house in Persiaran Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

Police have since formed a task force to investigate Chong’s disappearance, which has been classified as a missing person’s case.

“We are optimistic and hopeful he is alive and well. However, it is still much too early to draw any firm conclusions,” added Sivarasa and Wong.

“We commend the Kuala Lumpur police for setting up a special task force to investigate the missing person’s report filed by Peter’s family.

“An effective investigation will help allay the fears of many Malaysians, building up since four activists were reported missing.”

The four Sivarasa and Wong were referring to were Pastor Joshua Hilmy and his wife Ruth, social activist Amri Che Mat and Pastor Raymond Koh.

Chong and the four have all mysteriously disappeared over the past four months.

On March 31, Chong posted a message on Facebook about a “strange experience” he had where he was approached by a stranger while walking to a stall he frequented for breakfast.

The stranger warned him that people often disappeared without a trace, and advised him to exercise caution.

Efforts to obtain more information from KL police chief Amar Singh have been unsuccessful.