Kayveas wants to ‘Make Cameron Nice Again’

M-KayveasPETALING JAYA: You’ve heard United States President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” slogan but have you seen myPPP president M Kayveas’ “Make Cameron Nice Again” slogan?

A myPPP service truck bearing a photo of Kayveas holding a baby, with the background featuring a lush Cameron Highlands hill with the “Make Cameron Nice Again” slogan, was recently spotted by FMT.

It’s no secret that Kayveas wants to stand in the parliamentary seat, which is currently held by former MIC president G Palanivel.

With Palanivel out of the Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership, it’s unclear whether he plans to defend the seat or whether the BN leadership will pick him for the seat or give it to Kayveas. FMT’s attempts to reach Palanivel were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, Kayveas has been upfront about his intention to stand in Cameron Highlands – which in recent years has come under the spotlight for illegal farms and undocumented foreign workers.

Kayveas, who is a former deputy minister in the prime minister’s department, recently said he wanted to stand in Cameron Highlands to “save” the seat.

In the last general election, Palanivel narrowly won the Cameron Highlands seat in a five-way contest with a majority of only 462 votes.

In the 2008 general election, MIC’s SK Devamany won the Cameron Highlands seat in a straight fight, gaining a comfortable majority of 3,117 votes.

Although Kayveas has said that he will let the BN leadership decide on whether he contests in Cameron Highlands, checks on Kayveas’ social media page show that he has already been making regular visits to the parliamentary constituency with the myPPP service truck.

Where Trump’s catchy slogan quickly became the war cry of his many supporters in last year’s US presidential election campaign, only time will tell if Kayveas’ “Make Cameron Nice Again” slogan will have the same effect.