No housemanship post, yet PTPTN blacklists medical graduate


PETALING JAYA: A parent – whose daughter is a medical graduate awaiting her housemanship – is upset that she has been listed in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) just two months after her graduation by PTPTN.

The parent, who only wanted to be known as Edwin, told FMT that his daughter graduated in November but had received a letter from the (National Higher Education Fund Corporation) PTPTN in January asking her to repay her loan.

“She is still waiting for her housemanship posting. How can she pay back the loan if she hasn’t started working?”

Worse still, Edwin said when he went to PTPTN in January to request for an extension for the repayment, he found out his daughter was already listed in CCRIS.

Despite being granted an extension to start the loan repayment only in August, Edwin said he was told by staff at the Kuala Lumpur PTPTN office that she would still be listed in CCRIS.

“She can’t take a loan for a car or credit card now that she’s listed in CCRIS. I can’t understand why PTPTN is making life so difficult for the students.

“It’s different if someone has graduated for over a year and hasn’t repaid their loan, but my daughter hasn’t had the chance to earn a living yet,” Edwin said.

He added PTPTN should give leeway to medical, pharmacy and dentistry students who couldn’t go out and look for a job like other students but had to wait for their housemanship posting from the government.

PTPTN chairman Shamsul Anuar Nasarah told FMT that they would look into Edwin’s daughter’s case.

“We have to investigate first,” he said, adding it could be a technical error.

He said generally, PTPTN would only start collecting loan repayments six months after the borrowers graduate.

“As for listing in CCRIS, there are certain criteria which have to be fulfilled before we list someone under CCRIS,” he said, adding among this was a failure to repay the loan.

According to the PTPTN website, those who don’t start repaying their loan six months after graduation will be listed in CCRIS.

Shamsul added for those who couldn’t repay their loans, they could always discuss the matter with PTPTN to request for an extension.

Depending on the loan amount and age of the borrower, Shamsul said an extension of up to 24 months could be provided.

Last December, it was reported that a total of 1,574,700 borrowers who have failed to repay their PTPTN loans totalling RM32.07 billion, have been listed in CCRIS.