Ramasamy to Salleh: Stop useless talk, tell Najib to debate Mahathir


PETALING JAYA: DAP leader P Ramasamy says Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak has no legitimacy to speak about former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Responding to Salleh’s recent blog posting, where he claimed Prime Minister Najib Razak could not be compared with Mahathir as the latter carried a lot of “baggage” with him, Ramasamy said Salleh’s statements did not carry any weight.

“Whatever Salleh has to say about Mahathir carries no credibility because he is only sucking up to Najib, and apart from that, he has no grounds to speak ill of Mahathir anyway,” he told FMT.

Although Ramasamy, who is one of Penang’s two deputy chief ministers, agreed that Mahathir was “no saint”, the fact that he was standing up to Najib gave him some form of credence.

“This is a man who could have retired very comfortably if he had just said ‘yes’ to Najib, but he decided to say ‘no’. The fact that he said ‘no’ – and, what is more, he has actually formed a political party to oppose Najib – gives him a lot of credence.

“Whatever that was left wanting in him during his time as prime minister, he has now made up for it.”

Ramasamy said it would be better for Salleh to advise Najib to contest some of the things Mahathir was saying about him instead of making statements which Ramasamy claimed didn’t hold any sway.

“Rather than saying you can’t compare Najib with Mahathir, ask Najib to refute Mahathir. Ask Najib to debate with Mahathir, what’s there to fear?

“Forget (Tourism and Culture Minister) Nazri Aziz. What Malaysians really want to see is the current prime minister debating with the former prime minister. Why is Najib avoiding this?”

Recently there has been a lot of hype regarding a debate between Nazri and Mahathir. However, police have not allowed such a debate to take place so far.

Najib cannot be compared to Mahathir, says Salleh