Salleh slams DAP’s ‘end justifies the means’ support for Dr M

salleh-ramasamy-mahahirPETALING JAYA: Has DAP no principles in its aim of toppling Barisan Nasional that it is willing to work with any one, regardless of their past indiscretions?

That is the question Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak posed today in response to DAP deputy secretary-general P Ramasamy’s statement this morning that the former had “no legitimacy to speak about Dr Mahathir Mohamad”.

“Ramasamy said although Mahathir is no saint the fact that he opposes Prime Minister Najib Razak gives him credibility.

“Is that DAP’s doctrine of the end justifying the means? In essence, Ramasamy is saying that honesty and integrity are not required as long as you work with DAP to oppose Umno,” Salleh said in a statement today.

The Umno treasurer also dismissed Ramasamy’s call for Prime Minister Najib Razak to debate with his former mentor, Mahathir.

“And why does Ramasamy insist that Najib debate Mahathir? Did Mahathir debate any of his critics when he was prime minister?

“In fact, when the (Bank Negara) forex scandal matter was raised, all Mahathir could say was that it was ‘normal losses’ when it was not normal at all,” Salleh said.

He was responding to a statement released earlier today by the Penang deputy chief minister II, asking Salleh to advise Najib to contest some of the things Mahathir was saying about him.

Ramasamy also said the fact that the former prime minister was standing up to Najib gave him some form of credence.

“This is a man who could have retired very comfortably if he had just said ‘yes’ to Najib, but he decided to say ‘no’. The fact that he said ‘no’ – and, what is more, he has actually formed a political party to oppose Najib – gives him a lot of credence,” Ramasamy had said.