Sarawak BN may win all 31 parliamentary seats in GE14, says Entulu

Joseph-Entulu-Belaun-sarawak-bnKUCHING: The Sarawak Barisan Nasional has a “fighting chance” of capturing all 31 parliamentary seats in Sarawak in the next general election, says Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) deputy president Joseph Entulu Belaun.

He has come to this conclusion based on “intelligence” gathered by the state BN component parties.

Entulu told the Borneo Post yesterday that getting 29 of the 31 parliamentary seats was certainly “realistic”.

Entulu said a big win for the Sarawak BN would strengthen the state’s position in negotiating for devolution of powers with the federal government.

State BN and PBB Youth chief Fadillah Yusof said the state BN could certainly win more than the 25 seats it won in GE13.

SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Hian, however, was more cautious about the BN’s prospects.

He said the parliamentary election was unlike the last state election where the party managed to wrest back some Chinese-majority seats from the opposition.

“The bottom-line is, we will give a chance to the young leaders to rejuvenate and transform the party (SUPP). And included in our proposed name list would be some women candidates whom we think can create an impact.”

Meanwhile, UPP general-secretary George Lo said his party hoped to contest in three seats, including Sibu and Lanang, in the upcoming general election. He declined to name the third seat.

He said the results of the last state election showed that in the areas where UPP contested, there was a swing in the support of the Chinese voters to the party.

Lo told The Borneo Post: “There are areas that we are stronger. SUPP should give way for us. Similarly, there are areas that SUPP is stronger and in those areas, we are most willing to give in. Furthermore, SUPP should put BN interest first instead of its own interest to win maximum number of seats.”

In the 2013 general election, Sarawak BN won 25 parliamentary seats – 14 by PBB; six by PRS; four by SPDP and the remaining by SUPP.