Video of auxiliary cop yelling in mosque goes viral


PETALING JAYA: A video depicting two men in the midst of a verbal altercation, allegedly over the presence of a Muslim woman not wearing her headscarf in a mosque has gone viral.

In the 15-second video, uploaded on Facebook by a user named Lisza Laressa, a man in a green sweater is seen yelling at another man who appears older than him.

According to Lisza, the first man was an auxiliary policeman stationed at a mosque, located at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL).

The second man was the woman’s father who stood up for her when the auxiliary policeman told her off for being in the mosque without a headscarf.

“It is my fault, mosque area, have to wear a headscarf … (but I was there) to seek shelter while waiting for the heavy rain to stop, (and) while accompanying (my) mother who was eating,” she wrote in Malay, relaying the incident in a Facebook post yesterday.

“My mother hadn’t eaten anything since morning while waiting to visit a sibling who was involved in an accident.”

According to Lisza, a man approached her and told her to “respect the mosque” and leave immediately. She, however, chose to stay as her mother was still eating.

The man refused to leave and continued yelling at her, she said. Her father then interfered and told the man that they would leave once Lisza’s mother had finished eating.

“(But) look at the way the young man spoke to an elderly person. Lifting his hands up like that? If he wants to scold me, then scold me alone.

“Even when speaking with an elderly person, he raised his voice. He said, ‘I am the auxiliary policeman here!'”

She claimed that those present during the incident had also criticised the way the auxiliary policeman had spoken to her and her father.

The video she attached to the post didn’t show the argument she had with the auxiliary policeman. It only captured his altercation with her father.

The auxiliary policeman is seen yelling and saying: “This is a mosque, respect it.”

The video had been viewed more than 1.2 million times in just over 24 hours.

Lawyer-cum-activist Siti Kasim also commented on it on her Facebook, saying that compassion is central to Islam.

“This is a very good example of how screwed the understanding of what Islam is all about is among the Malays.

“This guy, who thinks he is trying to uphold Islam, forgets about compassion, which is the most central (concept) in Islam.

“Compassion represents the true spirit of Islam, and compassion is far more vital to Islamic teachings than anything else,” she wrote in English.

Lisza, when contacted, said her husband would be heading to HKL tomorrow afternoon.

“He will meet the hospital’s management to discuss the matter. My father will also be there tomorrow.”