‘Vive la Malaysia!’ French tourist gets his lost phone back


PETALING JAYA: It was a happy ending for French tourist Yves Oyage, who left his mobile phone in a stranger’s car after hitching a ride from her in Bagan Lalang, Sepang, last weekend.

Oyage, who had been travelling for the past year, was desperate to get his phone back as it contained photos and videos from his trip around the world, theSun reported today.

Not knowing the name of the woman who had given him a ride or her address, the 30-year-old camped at the spot where she had picked him up, armed with a hand-written banner.

“Help Me!” the sign read. “My name is Yves from France. I forgot my mobile in your car Sunday. Can you bring it to the police station in Sungai Pelek. Thank you.”

Beneath the message, Oyage included his hotel telephone number and Facebook name.

Pictures of him and the banner quickly went viral on social media, with sympathetic Facebook users eager to help. Although the woman did not show up despite his six-hour wait, by Monday, she had been found.

Facebook user Nur Halim Ibrahim, who had posted the initial picture, thanked everyone for their help.

“Finally we found her! Thanks everybody for your help!” she wrote.

Oyage also took to Facebook to thank people for sharing the post.

“Thank you to all Malaysian friends. Today a lot of people said to me, you cannot find your phone, it is impossible to find the woman! Never give up, nothing is impossible,” he wrote.